Absolue Kératine

There are some hair care products that really stand out from the crowd. René Furterer’s innovative range has long had a reputation for melding natural ingredients with cutting

Hair Productsedge science in order to provide hair with incredible shine and vitality, but the latest range – Absolue Kératine – is particularly exciting.

Absolue Kératine has been designed to treat extremely damaged, brittle hair, nursing it back to health by restoring softness and shine. Even after one application, hair feels softer and more manageable. Top Scottsdale hair colorist Rodney Gentry has long been an advocate of the René Furterer range and was pleased to test out the new Absolue Kératine products at the earliest opportunity. He comments:

I was pleasantly surprised to find that even after a single use of the Absolue Kératine products, hair is tangle free and wonderfully soft and shiny. To achieve such results with extremely damaged hair is really impressive.

Absolue Kératine range

The key to the new products is the use of soybean extract, which works to restore the hair’s strength and resilience, even on the most brittle tresses. It is an intensive care treatment, designed to restore hair that has become extremely damaged and boost it back to its former glory.
There are three products in the Absolue Kératine range – renewal shampoo, sublime renewal leave-in cream and ultimate renewal mask. Top colorist Rodney Gentry recommends using all three in order to achieve the best results:

The Absolue Kératine shampoo is sulfate and silicone free, so it gently cleanses the hair and is perfect for daily use. Hair is easy to untangle and has a wonderful bounce to it. The renewal mask nourishes deep down, restoring natural beauty and undoing years of damage as it nurtures the hair from root to tip. The leave-in cream tackles damaged ends, so that the hair is easier to style and protected against the heat that is so often used as part of the styling process.

Styling Regime

Gentry also recommends that those with particularly damaged hair think through their hair care and styling regime. Washing the hair with lukewarm water, rather than hot water, can leave it shinier and more healthy. Similarly, avoiding too many heated styling implements can reap big rewards. If a client plans to use straighteners or curling tongs, Gentry recommends avoiding blow-drying the hair first in order to reduce the amount of heat applied to the hair.

Thankfully, with a few simple routine changes and the use of the René Furterer Absolue Kératine range, horribly damaged hair is not the disaster that once it was. A single use of Absolue Kératine is enough to begin the recovery process, leaving hair looking instantly healthier with a lovely, natural shine and bounce that brings its former glory rushing back.
Don’t let your damaged, brittle hair be the boss of you, no matter how bad its condition. Resilience and strength are the way of the future. Speak to Scottsdale’s best hair colorist Rodney Gentry today to start nursing your hair back to full health with René Furterer!