Celebrity Hair Styles

Every woman at some point dreams of achieving the perfect celebrity hairstyle and the period following the Oscars always sees clients rushing to the salon in order to imitate the season’s latest looks

From styles to colors to up dos, hair stylists across the country will this month be asked to recreate the looks of Hollywood’s leading ladies. However, celebrity hairstyles can be tricky to maintain at home, without the benefit of a stylist at your beck and call. Therefore it might be wiser to consider how you can translate the latest celebrity hairstyle into a more manageable style that will suit your 9 to 5 look at little more closely.

Let’s look at an example. The 2014 Oscars red carpet was awash with

celebrities opting for a side-parting with a sweep of loose curls tumbling gorgeously over one should. Whilst perfect for a wedding or cocktail party, it’s hardly a practical look for the office and few women have an hour to spare before work every day ensuring that their curls tumble as artfully as those of Sandra Bullock – real life just tends to be too demanding.

Instead, consider mixing and matching celebrity styles so that you can achieve a glamorous look but on a blue collar timescale. Instead of committing to an early morning fight with the curling tongs as you try and tease your tresses into an exact replica of those sported by Ms Bullock, pop your rollers in before bed and then gently persuade your soft curls into an artfully messy pony tail before work in the morning. Emma Watson’s Oscars red carpet do should provide the perfect inspiration.

When it comes to achieving the same hair color as your favourite celebrity, life is a little easier. Professional hair color specialists can advise on just the right tone needed for your particular hair in order to imitate the latest color sported by your preferred celeb. After just one visit to the salon, you can emerge with the hair color of your dreams, be it Charlize Theron’s eye-catching blonde or Jennifer Garner’s soft, understated brown. A professional hair colorist will ensure that your locks are nurtured while they are colored, regardless of the condition of your hair when you arrive at the salon. A personalised consultation will ensure that the history of your hair’s treatments is taken into account, so that the perfect tone can be achieved despite any underlying colors that may previously have been applied.

Opting to imitate a celebrity hair color rather than a complete style is often much more appropriate in terms of blue collar fashion. It also requires minimal maintenance as once the professional hair color specialist has finished, you need only follow a few simple rules in order to keep the color looking its best.

Firstly, make sure you purchase an appropriate color-protecting shampoo and conditioner. Your salon-based colorist will be able to make recommendations in this area and it is worth listening to his guidance – he knows what he is talking about! A small investment in color-protecting products really can work wonders in terms of maintaining the shine and vitality of your color.

Another key tip is to avoid exposing your hair to too much heat, which is known to contribute to color fade. This applies not just to styling products, but also to the water used to wash your hair – swap hot water for lukewarm and marvel as your vibrant color lasts far longer than you anticipated. As well as colors, shorter celebrity hair styles are easy to pull off in the office and to maintain. A pixie cut can work wonders when paired with a sharp suit, but can also be dressed up with carefully selected hair accessories for a much more glamorous, celebrity-style do at weekends – think Lupita Nyong’o’s 2014 Oscars hairstyle both with and without the designer hairband.