Hair Color Change Scottsdale

Hair Color Change

Changing your hair color used to be a time-consuming and potentially hair-destroying process, but in the hands of a specialist hair colorist, it is now as easy as changing your wardrobe. Rodney Gentry, full-service designer and hair color specialist based at Sachi Studio’s in Scottsdale AZ, explains:

With modern products, changing your hair color is a simple process. Both men and women have truly embraced coloring in recent years, from highlights to full head recolors. Enzyme-based products combine the best of science and nature, meaning the hair can be nurtured at the same time as it is colored. Products have come a long way since the days when peroxide was used to bleach away color and strip the hair of its health.

Hair Color Changes with Goldwell

The Goldwell hair color range, which Gentry uses exclusively in his salon, features just the kind of blending of nature and science to which he refers. The enzymes in the products ensure that the hair is not only colored quickly and with tones that last, but that it is left conditioned and full of life. With such products available, clients are able to change their hair color as often as they wish, whether to suit the most recent season’s trend or to achieve the latest celebrity fashion. Changes of wardrobe can also inspire clients to change their hair color, as can changes in skin tone, such as a summer tan or paler winter look. Gentry observes:

Skin Color and Hair Color Change

Many clients want to lighten their hair over the summer months, from a few subtle highlights to dramatic panel blocking – they want that golden, beach-kissed look. Conversely, many clients with move olive-toned skin use the summer months to go for lowlights, with darker streaks emphasizing their natural tones and creating a fuller, more textured look to the hair.

Different hair colors tend to suit different skin tones, meaning that personalized advice from a hair color specialist is essential if a natural look is to be achieved. Pale skin can look washed out if paired with hair tones that are too dark or too bright, while skins with a reddish tinge or which are prone to blushing may wish to avoid lighter hair tones such as blonde and ginger. Scottsdale’s go to color guru Rodney Gentry comments:

Hair color can look fantastic when it is paired expertly with other factors in the client’s life, such as their skin tone, their preferred clothing colors and style, and so forth. It’s why it is so important to have an individualized consultation before making a dramatic change to your hair color – your stylist can help to guide you as to how natural or otherwise the color will look when it has been applied.

Hair Color Change for Light Skins

For lighter skin tones, Gentry recommends pale blonde, strawberry blonde or ginger shades that will tone delicately with the client’s natural coloring. For darker skin tones, rich browns, reds and blacks will look more at home. For clients prone to blushing and reddening of the skin, deep browns can look fantastic. Of course, hair color doesn’t have to look natural, as Gentry is quick to point out:

Many clients want to achieve a bold and dramatic look with their hair color. It’s not about choosing tones that look natural, but about creating a look that defines them and makes them stand out from the crowd. In those situations, a bit of creativity can work wonders. Very dark hair against pale skin, for example, can create a lovely, waif-like image, while bright blonde panel blocking over dark hair and dark skin can look extremely eye-catching. Adding a single streak of an unusual color can also create a dramatic look, such as an electric blue or cherry red streak against black hair. It doesn’t have to be big – the boldness of the color will speak for itself.

Whatever the client’s personal preference, modern coloring systems mean that every man and woman can now have their perfect hair color and style – even if their idea of what that is changes from one month to the next!