Hair Color Gloss

Essense Of Hair Gloss Treatment

Hair color gloss treatment is a demi-permanent means of intensely conditioning and moisturizing hair that lasts for around four to six weeks. Gloss treatments can work wonders for improving the condition of your tresses, but that’s just the beginning. There are in fact several reasons why you simply can’t afford not to try a hair gloss treatment next time you are at the salon.

The essence of a gloss treatment is that it repairs the hair by penetrating and sealing it. Hair is left soft and incredibly shiny, as the tight closure of the gloss around it causes it to reflect light. This intense conditioning process leaves hair looking fabulous as well as ensuring it is in tip top condition.

Results Of Hair Gloss Treatment

Hair gloss treatments come in clear or tinted versions. A clear gloss will add shine, soften the hair and improve its condition. This makes it perfect for treating hair that has been ravaged by chlorine, sunlight and seawater over the summer months. The gloss treatment turns lifeless, distressed summer hair into soft locks that even Rapunzel would envy.

Gloss treatments also come in a range of tints, creating even more reasons to give them a try. For those who have never colored their hair, a tinted hair gloss color treatment provides the perfect way to try out a color without making a permanent commitment to it. It is better than a temporary color, which will wash out before the wearer has had a chance to get used to it, as the four to six weeks that it lasts is the perfect amount of time for assessing whether or not a more permanent color change would look good.


Tinted glosses can also be used very effectively on hair that has already been colored. They work extremely well for giving added brightness and shine to highlights and for bringing out the warmth and richness of lowlights.


Who To Do Your Hair Color Gloss

Hair color gloss treatments can correct a range of issues with color treated hair. Those heading to the salon in need of an expert colorist to repair their attempt at home hair coloring may find that a gloss is all they need to put everything right. Light blonde glosses can help to reduce the brassiness that can occur when hair has been inexpertly lightened, while darker blonde ones can add warmth to pale hair. The darkest of glosses can add incredible depth and shine to black and dark brown hair, and red and lighter brown tints can create wonderfully warm tones on hair that was previously dull.


Hair Color Gloss Treaments

Treating conditions such as frizzy or fly-away hair is another bonus that hair color gloss treatments provide. The coating and sealing of the hair renders it smoother and more manageable, combating the effects of humidity and other environmental factors that lead to problems with frizzy, fluffy locks.

How To Protect Your Hair Color Gloss

Following color gloss treatments, just as after permanent treatments, the use of color protecting hair products is highly recommended. Shampoos, conditioners and styling products that are designed to protect specific colors will ensure that the effects of the gloss treatment last longer and that the hair remains in optimum condition. The salon that applies the gloss treatment, such as the color specialists at Sachi Studio’s in Scottsdale, AZ, will be able to recommend the best products to preserve the effects of the gloss for the greatest amount of time.

From nurturing the hair to treating color problems to trying out a new color altogether, the reasons for trying a hair color gloss treatment are numerous. Rarely has such a revolution in hair care occurred for such a reasonable cost. Tresses worthy of the red carpet can now be achieved by every woman or man who wishes to look their best. The treatment process is quick and easy, meaning every salon-goer can now look and feel like a million dollars, all thanks to the wonders of hair color gloss treatment.