Absolue Kératine There are some hair care products that really stand out from the crowd. René Furterer’s innovative range has long had a reputation for melding natural ingredients with cutting edge science in order to provide hair with incredible shine and vitality, but the latest range – Absolue Kératine – is particularly exciting. Absolue Kératine […]

Preparing For Summer Summer is a wonderful time for showing off your tresses, but the intense sun can cause chaos when it comes to the condition of your hair. Saltwater and chlorinated swimming pool water can also play havoc with even the most manageable hair, so make sure you are prepared this summer by getting […]

Top Hair Coloring Trends With the bustle and glamour of another Oscars ceremony just behind us, the styles and trends sported on the red carpet are spreading across the US, as Scottsdale’s top hair colorist Rodney Gentry observes: It’s not just the clothing that is important as stars work their way along the red carpet […]

Flowing Hair with René Furterer’s Karité Products Every hair salon client is unique in their wishes and, from color to style, has an individual goal. What they have in common, though, is the desire for their hair to look as beautiful as it possibly can. Thick, flowing hair that has a wonderful silky softness is […]

Change and Hair Treatment During Pregnancy Pregnancy and childbirth are two of the most important, wonderful and exhausting times of a woman’s life. The emotional journey is incredible and is accompanied by various physical changes as well. From a hair specialist’s point of view, the changes to a woman’s hair during this time of her […]

René Furterer’s Fabulous Range When you’ve worked in the hair care industry for a number of years you often feel that you’ve tried and tested every single hair product on the marketplace. From coloring treatments to conditioning masques, you’ve tried each and every one before establishing your firm favorites. So when you come across a […]

FINE HAIR PRODUCTS Fine hair can look incredibly sleek and elegant when styled the right way, but it can also appear limp and suffer from flyaway static problems during the winter months. Fine hair is also tricky when it comes to long-lasting style, as it holds a style in place for less time than thicker […]

Kerasilk Smoothing Treatment The hair world has been abuzz of late with talk of the Goldwell Kerasilk Smoothing Treatment. This formaldehyde-free treatment has taken the world by storm, with everyone from singers to models demanding their locks be treated to the Goldwell Kerasilk process.Writing for Hair magazine, Jane MacArthur described the Goldwell Kerasilk Smoothing Treatment […]

Rodney Gentry Lounge at Sachi Studios.

Essense Of Hair Gloss Treatment Hair color gloss treatment is a demi-permanent means of intensely conditioning and moisturizing hair that lasts for around four to six weeks. Gloss treatments can work wonders for improving the condition of your tresses, but that’s just the beginning. There are in fact several reasons why you simply can’t afford […]

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