There can be many reasons for wanting to remove a color that has been applied to hair, as hair color specialist Rodney Gentry is aware. Operating from the Sachi Studio’s in Scottsdale AZ, Gentry offers personal color consultations to male and female clients. Many have previously colored their hair and are looking for a change.

Reasons For Hair Color Removal

Boredom with a color, the desire for a dramatic change or wanting to keep up with the changing hair color fashions are all reasons that clients have cited for wanting their current color removed. 2014’s latest hair color trend, for example, is for platinum blonde tresses, meaning many of those looking to follow the fashion need to strip their existing color from their hair before becoming blondes.


The Process Of Hair Color Removal

While a number of ‘do it yourself’ hair color removal methods involving baking soda, vitamin C tablets and other weird and wonderful ingredients are available on the internet, it’s always safest to trust your hair to the care of a professional color expert such as Scottsdale’s Rodney Gentry. Trying to remove color at home can be disastrous. Many over the counter hair color removal products contain fast-acting bleach derivatives, which first strip the hair of its color, then attack the cuticle, then go for the structure of the hair itself.

Using only industry-leading products that are known for nurturing hair, such as the Goldwell color and Oribe’s product, Gentry ensures that his color removal service doesn’t strip away the hair’s essential strength and nutrients along with the color. His individualized service ensures that the porosity of the client’s hair, the original color and any underlying pigments are taken into account before a color removal treatment is undertaken.

By removing color in a way that cares for the hair and retains its core strength, Gentry ensures that each client’s tresses are in perfect condition before the next color is applied. He also provides advice and guidance on how best to look after colored hair after leaving the salon, including avoiding excessive use of heated appliances and washing colored hair with lukewarm rather than hot water.

By taking an holistic approach to hair coloring and hair color removal in this way, it is possible to keep up with the latest fashions from season to season, replacing last winter’s deep ombre shades with this spring’s platinum blonde mermaid waves without risking the vitality of the hair itself.

As well as full removal and recoloring, color correction is also an option for those looking for a less dramatic change. Toning down or warming up a particular shade can often be achieved through the application of another color, rather than through the complete removal of the original tone. Again, seeking the advice of a professional colorist will pay dividends when considering such decisions. It is one of the reasons that Rodney Gentry has built up such a fan base at the Sachi Studio’s. His personalized approach ensures that each client receives advice, coloring and styling suited to their own hair, both in terms of its history and its condition.

Different hair colors can be harder or easier to remove than others. Black and very dark brown hair dyes work by totaling saturating the hairs to which they are applied. The level of color in the hair is abundant and can be tricky to remove. On the other hand, red and orange shades set less firmly in the hair, so can be easier and faster to strip away. This is another reason why store-bought or home-made hair color removal products should be avoided – they attack all colors with the same ferocity and take no account of the individual shade that is being removed and how easy or difficult it may be to extract.

Why Work with a Proffessional

Professional hair color specialists such as Rodney Gentry sadly often have to deal with the consequences of home hair color applications and removals that have not gone to plan. Hair coloring is a specialist service, as is hair color removal. It’s not something that is advisable to attempt at home when professionals are on hand to provide expertise. Hair can become badly damaged when the wrong products or processes are used and can take a long time to recover from such ill treatment.

For hair color removal in particular, using a hair color specialist is advised. It’s a minor expense when the long-term future of a client’s hair is at stake, as Gentry fully understands. Using a salon also ensures that hair coloring and/or color removal is followed up by hair care that uses nourishing and appropriate products at home, as colorists can recommend the perfect combination of styling products to preserve each color’s longevity.

Full-service designer and hair color specialist Rodney Gentry is based at Sachi Studio’s in Scottsdale AZ. For color consultations and other appointments, call 480.639.2000. Book a consultation for all your hair color needs!