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Fine hair can look incredibly sleek and elegant when styled the right way, but it can also appear limp and suffer from flyaway static problems during the winter months. Fine hair is also tricky when it comes to long-lasting style, as it holds a style in place for less time than thicker hair does, with curls quickly dropping out and hair escaping from clips and ribbons as if it had a mind of its own.
Thankfully, one product is revolutionizing fine hair across the US, as full-service designer and hair color specialist Rodney Gentry explains,
“The Rene Furterer product range does wonders for fine hair. The products combine natural elements, such as carob extract, with the latest in hair product technology to create some really spectacular results.”
Carob extract is a substance rich in polysaccharides, which stick to hair fibers and create a volumizing effect from root to tip. Unlike other substances with coat the hair, carob extract does so weightlessly, visibly amplifying volume and providing an airy fullness that lasts for hours.
“Clients at Sachi Studios here in Scottsdale who have tried the Volumea range from Rene Furterer have been seriously impressed,” Gentry continues. “Their fine hair is transformed, with enhanced body and bounce that other volumizing products simply cannot match.”


The Volumea range includes a volumizing shampoo, conditioner and conditioning spray. It also includes a lightweight, volumizing styling foam that adds day-long body to fine, limp tresses. As well as benefitting from the carob extract the styling foam contains an anti-static and anti-humidity complex that those with fine hair will love at this time of year.
Rene Furterer’s products are not just for those who have always had fine hair, as Scottsdale color specialist Gentry explains,
“Both men and women suffer from thinning hair as part of the aging process. Although losing your hair is often associated just with men, actually 40% of those who suffer from thinning hair are female, according to Web MD.
“Hair loss can be distressing for both men and women, but in my experience women seem to suffer a loss of self esteem more than their male counterparts as a result of their thinning tresses. In some cases, the parting in the hair gradually widens as the hair thins, while in others the hair loss affects the whole of the head.”
Female pattern baldness is estimated to affect some 30 million American women, with a wide range of factors causing it. Everything from thyroid problems to hormonal changes to various illnesses can trigger hair loss in women and the affects on self confidence can be profound.
“I have had clients who have really struggled to come to terms with their thinning hair,” continues Gentry. “It’s something they face in the mirror every day and it can be very sad to see how much it impacts on women as the hair loss progresses. Thankfully, with products like Volumea, there is now quite a bit that women can do to reduce the appearance of hair loss and to boost fine tresses with added volume and bounce.”


The Rene Futerer range has the added advantage that it is incredibly kind to the hair that it treats. The Volumea shampoo, for example, contains pH neutral cleansing agents so that it cleans the hair without damaging or stripping it in any way. Similarly, the conditioning spray contains a cationic complex for gentle, easy detangling that minimizes any breakages. The products also smell fantastic, blending the aromas of lemon, thyme and rose.
Of course, it is not just women who can be part of the Volumea revolution, as Gentry is quick to point out:
“Many of Sachi Studio’s male clients also love the Volumea range. It boosts confidence as well as hair volume and it’s great to see men leaving the salon with thicker, more luxurious hair. Volumea really is a revolution for all those with fine locks.”

Rodney Gentry and expert stylist is based at Sachi Studios in Scottsdale, AZ. The due are ready and waiting to serve the fine-haired men and women of Scottsdale, treating each one to a fuller, happier head of hair.

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