Hair Coloring Trends

Top Hair Coloring Trends

With the bustle and glamour of another Oscars ceremony just behind us, the styles and trends sported on the red carpet are spreading across the US, as Scottsdale’s top hair colorist Rodney Gentry observes:
It’s not just the clothing that is important as stars work their way along the red carpet these days. Hair styles at the Oscars are influential across the country and this year is no exception. Whether up or down, short or long, hair was sleek and shiny. Messy, tousled locks are a thing of the past. 2015 is all about smooth sophistication.
As the best hair colorist in Scottsdale, Rodney Gentry is often tasked by his clients with reproducing a certain look and the Oscars is a key event for setting the styles that will be popular over the following months. Color-wise, 2015 was all about the blondes, with plentiful highlights creating a sun-kissed effect, even after dark.
Rodney Gentry’s color expertise positions him perfectly for helping the men and women of Scottsdale to achieve the style of the stars. His approach ensures that each client’s face and complexion are complemented by the color choices that they make, with personalized consultations meaning that the hair’s condition, history and other factors are considered prior to the color treatment being carried out.

Benefit Of Scientific Advances in Hair Coloring

As well as his specialist color skills, Gentry also ensures that his clients benefit from the latest products, blending scientific advances with natural ingredients. The Goldwell Kerasilk Smoothing Treatment is a prime example. The intensely nourishing process tames even the wildest of locks into smooth submission, allowing Gentry’s clients to achieve fantastically desirable tresses that would be just perfect for the red carpet.
Bringing star studded glamour to his clients in Scottsdale is something about which top hair colorist Rodney Gentry feels extremely passionate. He explains:
A good color can make an individual feel on top of the world, while treatments like the Kerasilk Smoothing Treatment can bring a touch of glamour to even the dullest and most damaged hair. But part of specialist coloring is ensuring that clients look good for more than just one night. It is about giving them a style that makes them look and feel like a million bucks, but that they can easily maintain once back home.
To this end, Gentry is able to recommend personalized combinations of products for each client, with an emphasis on rich conditioning treatments for maintaining softness, along with volumizing mousses and sprays for fine hair and color fast shampoos and conditioners to lock in color and ensure that hair looks better for longer.
It’s all about finding the right look for each person,he concludes. Hair coloring is definitely not a one-size-fits-all style of profession. It requires artistic flair and passion. The Oscars hairstyles might only just be beginning to flow from the red carpet to other areas of the US, but women (and men) across the country are now looking to their own locks to see how they can keep their tresses on trend.