Winter hair

How To Keep Your Hair In Top Condition

Winter brings with it a host of festivities. With Thanksgiving and Christmas to enjoy it’s a season of good food, good company and great parties. Sadly it’s not always the season of good hair, so top Scottsdale colorist Rodney Gentry has shared his top tips for wonderful winter hair, to help combat the stresses of the season.

Winter can cause havoc when it comes to keeping your hair in top condition, reveals Gentry. From dry, brittle hair that breaks easily to a static-charged disaster when you come in out of the weather and take off your hat, winter can test even the most resilient head of hair. Thankfully there are some quick and easy ways to ensure that your hair remains fabulous throughout the winter season, so you can relax and enjoy the festivities.

Gentry’s first tip is to start the season off with a color and cut. Letting the professionals get to grip with your tresses will ensure that you head into winter with healthy, stylish hair. Then you just need to give it the care it deserves in order to keep it that way.

Opt for a color treatment at the start of winter to give you a great new look for the party season. Ensure that your color treatment is one that nourishes the hair deep down, like the Goldwell Colorance range. Not only will you achieve great color, but your hair will be conditioned and strong, ready to face the colder weather.

After that, it’s all about your daily routine, advises Scottsdale’s top colorist. Choose your products to combat your particular problems. If your hair feels dry and brittle, for example, look for a shampoo and conditioner that have been designed to hydrate the hair. Moroccan argan oil can work wonders for dry hair, so opt for products that contain this ingredient.

As well as helping to ease dry hair issues, hydrating products are also a great way to tackle static. If you are prone to static hair, try to avoid styling with too much heat. Simply turning the heat setting on your hairdryer or straighteners down one notch can reap rewards. Smoothing products can also be a great help.

The combination of dry hair with static is a really common problem during the winter months, advises Gentry, But it’s definitely not insurmountable with the right products. Many individuals also find that the dryness extends to their scalp – there’s always big increase in people suffering from dandruff and itchy scalps as the weather turns colder. Opt for a shampoo without sulfates that is designed to treat the scalp and it should help ease the problem within just a few washes. Be sure to use it regularly until spring is well underway!

And for that dreaded problem of hat hair? Gentry believes it’s all about timing – and your choice of hat.
Always put your hat on at the last possible moment and opt for a hat that isn’t too tight in order to avoid cramping your style and creating a release of static when you pull it off. Experiment with different styles of hat and different materials – they can make a surprising difference.

Top Scottsdale colorist Rodney Gentry’s final tip is to keep your hair well maintained by your stylist. Regular care by a professional can work wonders in combating the winter hair blues and ensure you are looking your best throughout the cooler months of the year.