Rodney Gentry Brings His World-Class Shatush Hair Color Technique to Scottsdale and Makes Hair Glorious

Rodney Gentry, the hair color expert, brings an innovative hair color technique to his salon and promises to make the hair of Scottsdale residents look glorious.

Rodney Gentry, the Scottsdale AZ hair stylist, has officially put the traditional hair color techniques on notice: they will soon be as outdated as typewriters are today. With the introduction of his world-class shatush hair color technique the people of Scottsdale have the unique opportunity for glorious hair.

The shatush color technique, of French origin, is an advanced technique that achieves lightened hair with a natural effect. The hair is back-combed in sections and color is applied with no need for foils. Hair becomes more shiny, bright and extremely natural with an amazing effect. As Rodney Gentry explains

This technique has a lot of possibilities, like the “sun-bleached hair”, that leaves clients with a totally refreshed and awesome hair.


This innovative technique is applied by Mr. Gentry at Sachi Studio’s in Scottsdale, Arizona by appointment only. It is a very difficult and advanced method and not all hair colorists can offer this treatment. But Rodney Gentry has all the credentials and the expertise to offer this modern technique with state of the art products and amazing results.

As he emphasizes,

I choose a tone for each client individually making a unique mixture and taking into account the client’s personal characteristics thus creating a totally unparalleled result. They love the experience.

The shatush hair color technique offers something special and totally different from the usual highlights. The color is placed on the loose ends leaving a result that looks natural, “sun-kissed”.

To arrange an appointment for a personalized consultation or a shatush hair color application visit Rodney Gentry at Sachi Studio’s.

About Rodney Gentry

Rodney Gentry is a highly trained hair stylist with specialization in hair coloring and more than ten years of experience. His innovative techniques and unique methods are presented at Sachi Studio’s in Scottsdale. With a notorious attention to detail he leaves clients excited about the final result.