Over Processed Hair

Over Processed Hair Causes

With so many 7 paraded daily in the movies and in celebrity magazines, it can be tempted to color, style and treat hair on an almost daily basis. However, the repeated use of heated styling appliances, the use of unsuitable products such as those containing peroxide and everyday environmental factors can all result to having over processed hair.

Dry, brittle hair that breaks easily, split ends and untameable frizz are all signs of over-processed hair. If you are suffering with any of these factors, book an appointment with a hair care professional – fast! Over-processed hair that is allowed to worsen can end up breaking, sometimes in substantial chunks, so make sure you take action as soon as the problem has been identified.

A professional hair care specialist will be able to give you personalized advice about how best to tackle your hair in order to nurse it back to full health. The way in which this is done will vary depending on the condition of your hair, its length and what has been done to it in terms of previous treatments.

How to Deal With Over Processed Hair

An intensive conditioning masque is a good place to start when it comes to beginning to restore over-processed tresses. Brands such as Oribe produce a range of intensive treatments that will nourish and soften the hair, beginning the restorative process. A hair cut is also likely to play a role in the healing process, as this will get rid of any split ends and ensure the hair is in a better state before any further treatments are applied.

Over-processed colored hair will need to be treated with extra care. If inappropriate coloring products have been used, such as products containing peroxide, hair can be left looking brassy and with an unpleasant, straw-like texture. In such cases, it may be necessary to undergo a color removal process, then recolor the hair using nurturing, enzyme-based products such as those from specialist color range Goldwell.

How Rodney Gentry Will Help

In professional salons such as Sachi Studio’s in Scottsdale, Arizona, correcting over-processed hair is a service that is undertaken regularly, as clients seek a professional way to enhance their over-stressed locks. When it comes to over-processed colored hair, only the Goldwell color removal system will do, as it blends the very best of science and nature in order to nurture the hair while stripping it of color, leaving it softer, more supple and ready to have a gentle, enzyme-based color applied.

The addition of color to over-processed hair, when the right products are chosen and are applied by a professional color specialist, can further help to improve the hair’s condition. Enzyme-based coloring products take only a fraction of the time that traditional, harsh colorants do and their beneficial effect on the hair can be seen almost immediately – along with the lasting and vibrant color that they achieve.

Care of Hair after Treatment

Once over-processing has been addressed in the salon, clients are encouraged to maintain a regime of conditioning masques to ensure that hair does not become distressed again. Minimizing the use of heated appliances is also highly recommended, so if you plan on straightening or curling your hair, let it dry naturally first. Don’t heat it with a blow-dryer only to heat it again minutes later with tongs! For color-treated hair, be sure to use appropriately designed products, such as color-fast shampoos, conditioners and mousses.

A series of regular appointments with your local salon will also help to avoid any over-processing in future, as your professional colorist will monitor and nurture your hair to ensure that it remains in the best possible condition.

Finally – and most importantly – avoid coloring the hair at home. This is one of the most common causes of problem hair, as anything from the wrong products being used to colorants being left on too long can result in the hair suffering greatly. Instead, leave your coloring needs to the professionals, using a hair color specialist to achieve beautiful color that leaves your hair looking shiny and full of life.