Summer Hair

Preparing For Summer

Summer is a wonderful time for showing off your tresses, but the intense sun can cause chaos when it comes to the condition of your hair. Saltwater and chlorinated swimming pool water can also play havoc with even the most manageable hair, so make sure you are prepared this summer by getting your hair into tiptop condition right now.

Scottsdale’s top hair colorist Rodney Gentry has some excellent advice for those looking to prepare their locks for the ravages of the summer months:

Summer is all about preparation when it comes to hair care, he explains. Don’t wait until halfway through the summer and then try to do something about your dry, limp tresses. Take action now to ensure that your hair looks fabulous all the way through until the fall.

Gentry, who is based at Scottsdale’s leading Sachi Studios, advises starting with a nourishing program to ensure that hair is deeply moisturized, ready for the strong summer sunlight. Rene Furterer award-winning product range has some real gems when it comes to enriching the hair. Their sun care Repairing after sun mask adds life and shine, while their KARITÉ intense overnight nourishing treatment fortifies and restores for luxuriantly healthy tresses.

UV rays can cause serious color fade, Gentry advises, So it’s important to treat your hair with respect in the run-up to summer and ensure that it is at full strength. Saltwater and chlorine can also lead to color becoming dull and faded, so for those who love the water a color preserving shampoo and conditioner are absolutely essential.

Goldwell Dualsenses For Summer Months

The Goldwell Dualsenses Color Fade Stop shampoo and conditioner are ideal for the summer months. Not only do they keep color looking bright and shiny, but the conditioner also detangles, which is essential after a dip in the pool to cool off.

Of course, preparing for summer also means choosing the tones that you would like, as top color specialist Rodney Gentry reminds us:

Just before the summer is the perfect time to select the color you want to sport for the duration of the season. Blonde highlights are particularly popular at this time of year. A nice dual color combination works well, with golden streaks glinting in the summer sunshine – beautiful! Darker colors also look fantastic with bronzed or darker skin and a few subtle, warm brown/reddish highlights are a lovely way to add warmth and depth.

Why You Need A Regular Trimming In Summer

The other element to remember when it comes to hair preparation for the summer is regular trimming. Having your hair trimmed every few weeks keeps it healthy as it grows, so head to the salon regularly to keep those tresses looking at their best.

A final tip from Scottsdale’s top hair colorist Rodney Gentry is to think carefully about your styling routine:

High intensity heat products like hairdryers, curling tongs and straighteners are definitely not great for hair, so think through your styling process in order to minimize their impact. If you plan to straighten your hair after washing it, for example, then let it dry naturally rather than using the hairdryer – otherwise you are applying heat to the hair twice in order to achieve the same effect.

So there you have it – the complete guide to preparing your hair for looking fabulous all season long. With summer only just around the corner, it’s time to get started now!