Three Tone Hair Color

Three Tone Hair Color

Three Tone Hair Color: Before You Decide To Go With It Deciding whether to opt for a full head color, highlights, lowlights or panel blocking can be a tricky decision. That’s why a personalised consultation with a hair color specialist is always the right place to begin. By tapping in to a professional’s expertise, you […]

Redheads – From Strawberry Blonde to Deep Plum

Redheads Scottsdale

How to do Redheads and Why You should Try Them From bright orange to deep burgundy, those looking to become red heads have a huge range of choice available to them when it comes to the particular tone they wish to achieve. So much so, in fact, that it can be hard to know which […]

Hair Color Change – a Color for Every Mood

Hair Color Change Scottsdale

Hair Color Change Changing your hair color used to be a time-consuming and potentially hair-destroying process, but in the hands of a specialist hair colorist, it is now as easy as changing your wardrobe. Rodney Gentry, full-service designer and hair color specialist based at Sachi Studio’s in Scottsdale AZ, explains: With modern products, changing your […]

Lowlights – How to Ensure They Look Spectacular

Foil Hair Highlights

Hair Lowlights Many clients, both male and female, consider the merits of a full color service versus highlights when they think about coloring their hair. However, many bypass the option of lowlights, which is a shame as this simple yet effective technique can result in a spectacular end result. Lowlighting hair works in much the same way […]

Celebrity Hairstyles vs Blue Collar Styles

Celebrity Hair Styles

Every woman at some point dreams of achieving the perfect celebrity hairstyle and the period following the Oscars always sees clients rushing to the salon in order to imitate the season’s latest looks From styles to colors to up dos, hair stylists across the country will this month be asked to recreate the looks of […]

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